Programs to Avoid

Stop-Sign - This program will entice you to get a free security scan.  When you agree to it, it will automatically install its software on your system, and then proceed to start downloading trojans onto your system.  It will also attempt to convice you to get rid of Adaware and Spybot, if you have them, and even convince you to get rid of Norton's antivirus program.  Read more about it here:

Bulldog - Touted as an antivirus program, this program seems to interfere with Norton's products, and if you use Kazaa then the Bulldog program seems to automatically install itself on your system.  Many users seem to have problems with it, and uninstalling it seems to be difficult.  Read more about it here:

Spywiper - The company that makes this software actually installs malware on your computer and then tries to get you to buy this program to delete it.  Read more about it here:,8636984~mode=flat

Spyassassin - The makers of this antispyware utility are blatantly ripping off the good name of AdAware.  They have registered a website called "" for the uninformed, knowing full well that the person is looking for the program Adaware by invites you to download a program called Spyassassin, which is a commercial (read - you have to pay for it) program.  Adaware has an outstanding reputation as antispyware, and is available in a professional version for a price, and also a basic FREE version.  I don't know the actual merits of spyassassin, but any company that will disguise their website and use such devious tactics to sell software is not good.